The National Bingo Game

Bingo game is tremendously accepted in the United Kingdom. There are lots of bingo halls are available throughout the country and nowadays lots of UK online bingo halls are also available. Eight percent of the British population plays bingo and more than three million people play bingo at least twice a week. It is a way to have fun and to socialize and it doesn’t cost much money to play. Even though quite a few men play, women players still outnumber men players. Unless the games are played in a gambling hall, the prizes are not cash prizes. Prizes can be things like free meals, chocolates, toys, ticket to various events, etc. The only place that cash prizes are awarded is when the game is played in gambling halls.

The National Bingo Game is the second biggest computer controlled game in Great Britain. The National Bingo Game website will help players find a nearby bingo club if they don’t already play at one. They will also help newcomers learn how to play the game. Because of the popularity of the game, there are different national and regional games offered throughout the day. These bingo games are played for cash prizes. Bingo in the United Kingdom is played on a card that has three columns and nine rows. There are no letters used in the game. There are five numbers in each row ranging from one to ninety. The rest of the spaces are black. Games are played on the basis of one row, two rows or three rows. The three row coverall is called a full house.

The big game played in England is the National Game. The National Game is played once a week with a payout of approximately ₤2 million. It is the second most popular game in England and the gambling houses link together for this game. The National Bingo Game is played twice a day at over five hundred bingo clubs throughout the country. They have different prizes for different days at different levels. The weekly main prizes are ₤50,000 on Monday and Tuesdays. From Wednesday through Saturday the price is ₤100,000 and on Sunday the prize doubles to ₤200,000. The National Bingo Game is popular because there are more than 500 bingo clubs that link up together twice a day to offer the game to their customers.

Prizes are also awarded on a regional basis with fifteen prizes up to ₤5,000. This regional zone prizes are not available on Fridays when the 46 Big Number game replaces the regional game. The player must achieve a full house in forty six calls or less to share in a prize of ₤100,000. Lots of people come to play bingo game in the evening. There are also games played in the afternoon called the Afternoon Delight. These games are played on Sunday through Friday and offer a prize of ₤20,000. The price of playing the National Bingo Games ranges from 25p per ticket to ₤2 for six tickets depending on the game and the day of the week. The proceeds are used to support Breakthrough Breast Cancer with a weekly fundraiser in October.